Tuesday, 28 July 2015

150+ New Journeys!

We have some new, slimy friends in our class! Our two axolotls have laid some eggs around their old tank, but now they are in the old fish tank (don’t worry our fish got a new tank). So far we have seen and counted over 170 new eggs!

On Monday the 27th of July, while checking on the axolotls, one of our classmates spotted some weird looking ovals with some half black and white dots inside them. Someone thought they were these animals that clean the sea from chemicals but most of us thought they were eggs. Then we searched “Axolotl eggs” on Google and it came up with a picture of eggs that looked egg-zactly the same!

First, we got a new tank from the junior class so our classmates and I moved the fish into their new tank so the axolotls  would not eat the eggs. Last night, they laid more eggs in the new tank. We moved the plants that had new eggs on them into the old tank.

Sadly, some eggs were covered in sand and we could not save them, so some of them also have been eaten by their parents, but we learnt that it's just the processes of life. Hopefully some will survive.

We plan on selling the axolotls if some survive, and a couple of the eggs will go to our classmates with tanks at home.

The first batch of eggs were laid over the weekend and they should hatch in around 3 weeks or more than 17 days!

Tez says to them “No more laying eggs please!" but the rest of us say good luck.

We’ll keep updating the blog as they develop!

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