Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Mighty Michael

A few weeks ago, we had a visitor to our class - Annie has written about it below.

It had been taunting me all day. Who was the mystery guest speaker? The clock struck 9:30 AM. Rose came in followed by X-Factor third place rock band sensation bass player, Michael Anderson!

Michael entered the X-Factor in a band called Brendon Thomas and The Vibes. They finished third. As soon as Michael came in, there was silence. We sat in group and he told us about his awesome X-Factor experience.

I think we must have annoyed him with all of our questions, photos, and requests for signatures, but he seemed really happy to take photos, answer our questions and sign our pencil cases and journals! The time flew by as he walked out the door to visit the next classes. Michael came from The Montessori Unit at our school, so I am proud to be here today. Michael is a nice, great guy and we are so happy he could come in to speak to us!

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