Monday, 31 August 2015

Happy Birthday Maria Montessori

Today is Maria’s birthday, she was born in 1870, in Chiaravalle, Italy. This is an important time for us because she designed the Montessori philosophy and she developed a system that could help children’s education.

She became the first woman to get a medical degree in Italy when she graduated from the University of Rome in 1896.

Montessori worked with children who were developmentally challenged where she thought of the philosophy of Montessori Education.

In Montessori, different children and year groups are all in the same class. To help the children learn, Maria made materials herself. Thousands of schools around the world use Montessori education. She came up with having freedom for what work you could decide to do, but also with responsibility.

I think Maria Montessori is a great role model to all of us, who are in our class because if she didn’t create this amazing education system, we wouldn’t be able to have the freedom we do or be able to use the cool materials we do.

By Stella

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