Year 5 & 6 Inquiry

Challenging Choices (Term 1, 2016)

Central Idea: Success is determined by our values and beliefs.

Students inquired into what it means to be successful and what attitudes one needs to be successful. Everyone researched someone who they believed embodies these values and attitudes and wrote a biography.

Students were encouraged to reflect on their own attitudes and values and choose an area which they believed needed improvement.  They set SMART goals and developed some strategies which they were encouraged to practice and track daily.

Migration Assessment Task - Due October 15, 2015

Investigate your personal ancestry (or a migrant group)  and migration history to identify why New Zealand was chosen over their homeland  - what were the challenges they faced and what opportunities did they have moving here?

Present your information in a piece of artwork of your choosing - it can take any form of (visual) art you would like!
Prepare an oral presentation to explain your artwork. It must include the following information:
  • Group history (e.g. flag or family tree)
  • Reasons for migration  (individual or group)
  • Possible challenges faced when settling  ((individual or group)
  • Influence of the group on NZ communities/culture etc
  • Has the culture/tradition being maintained in NZ?

Describing the Invisible Properties of Gas

What is Plasma?

States of Matter Video


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